Digital Launch Legally Book Bundle


Enough with the guessing game!

If you are ready to turn your hobby into your career and really get *ish done, keep reading.





If you have ever wondered what clauses to look out for when entering a contract, whether your business needs to be a corporation or LLC, or have ever asked, “what do I need to know before I start my business, my Launch Legally: Legal Basics Handbook and Launch Legally: Business Plan Workbook is for you! It’s straight to the point, with no fluff or fillers, while providing an in-depth overview of what you need to consider to launch legally in business.

Together, the Launch Legally bundle will guide entrepreneurs through:

  • Creating an effective business plan
  • Identifying their intellectual property
  • Determining what contracts and business insurance they need
  • How to reach your ideal client
  • How to monetize your passion project
  • Identify where your business fits in the market plus much more!

It’s time to stop playing around and get *ish done. 

Grab your bundle today!


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